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Elusives members participate in science book 'CIENCIA, y un gran paso para la humanidad'

Xabier Marcano, Claudia García and Enrique Álvarez have contributed chapters to the popular science book coordinated by Quintín Garrido

May 14, 2019 by Bruno Martin

For a new open-source book on the great milestones of science, Elusives ESR Xabier Marcano has contributed with a chapter titled "Beyond the Standard Model".


The book, written in Spanish, is titled CIENCIA, y un gran paso para la humanidad!!!, which translates to SCIENCE, and a great step for humankind!!!


IFT members Claudia García and Enrique Álvarez have also written a chapter each, on the Standard Model and on gravity, respectively.


The book is freely available under creative commons license as a PDF, or by chapters on the official blog site:


CIENCIA, y un gran paso para la humanidad!!! is the third instalment in the 'CIENCIA' series coordinated by Quintín Garrido (on this occasion with the collaboration of Ana S. Casalvilla). Xabier Marcano and Claudia García also wrote chapters for the previous edition, titled CIENCIA y yo quiero ser científico!!!