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Laura Baudis gives public talk about dark matter searches

Elusives University of Zurich PI gave this outreach talk at the Scientific Society Winterthur on 4th November

November 27, 2018 by Bruno Martin

Laura Baudis, Elusives PI at the University of Zurich, gave a talk titled "Search for Dark Matter in the Milky Way" (in German), on the 4th November.


The talk was organised by the Scientific Society Winterthur, with the Astronomical Society Winterthur as host society.


Here is the talk abstract:


Talk abstract:

The universe is only directly visible to a small extent. A large part consists of matter that does not shine in the visible, in the UV, gamma, infrared or microwave range. From measurements of the rotational curves of galaxies, the mass of galaxy clusters, the distribution of large-scale structures, the cosmic microwave background, and the expansion rate of the universe, we know that visible matter, consisting of galaxies, suns, planets, and humans, accounts for about 4% of the total of the universe. The rest is "dark", and so far can only be revealed indirectly, that is, via the gravitational interaction. The dark matter can consist of massive, as yet unknown particles that were created in an early phase of the universe. Feverishly looking for them worldwide with increasingly sensitive detectors. The goal is to detect these particles by elastic scattering at atomic nuclei of a terrestrial detector and their conversion into known particles in the Sun, in the galactic center and in the halo of the Milky Way.