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Olga Mena talks about 'invisibles' of the universe for the International Day of Women and Girls in Science

InvisiblesPlus PI at CSIC Olga Mena gave an outreach talk titled 'Invisibles in the Cosmos' in Valencia on 13th February

February 15, 2019 by Bruno Martin

To conmemorate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science (11 February), Olga Mena (IFIC-CSIC) gave a public outreach talk in Valencia, Spain, on 13th February entitled 'Invisibles in the Cosmos'.


During her talk, which was part of the conference cycle "Dones i ciència" at the Jardí Botànic of the city, Olga spoke of the matter and energy that are still invisible and unknown in the universe, and how they shape its future. She also spoke about the other 'invisibles' of cosmology: women. Olga commemorated the female scientists who have paved the way for today's research.


During the event, science journalist and astrophysicist Elena Denia also spoke, and the artist Ana Beltrán Porcar crafted a painting inspired by the content of the scientific talks.


Details of the event: