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Activities at the Invisibles19 School in Canfranc

Activities at the Invisibles19 School in Canfranc

The Invisibles19 School takes place this week, 3-7 June, in the Laboratorio Subterráneo de Canfranc, on the Spanish Pyrenees.

This is the annual school of the Horizon 2020 Innovative Training Network ITN Elusives (H2020-MSCA-ITN-2015//674896-Elusives), which precedes the Invisibles19 Workshop taking place next week, 10-14 June, in Valencia.

At the School, the lectures cover the following topics:

  • Classical solutions in Field Theory and applications (A. Cohen)
  • Statistics and introduction to Machine Lerning (D. Tonelli)
  • BSM Landscape after LHC I and II runs (M. Schmaltz)
  • Neutrino Phenomenology (C. González-García)
  • Neutrinos in Cosmology (YY. Wong)
  • Effective theories for dark matter (J. Zupan)
  • Perspectives in particle detection (D. Nygren)
  • Special lecture on Black Holes (A. Green)

The full programme and lecture notes are available on the School website:

Attendees presented posters on their research at a social session on Monday evening. On Tuesday, students visited the Underground Laboratory and the historic Canfranc Station, and on Thursday, there was a trip to the nearby town of Jaca. During the social dinner in Jaca, poster winners were announced: first place went to Iván Esteban, second to Pablo Quílez and third to Elena, Carmen and Víctor.