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Ann Nelson

Ann Nelson

The  Elusives and InvisiblesPlus network members are deeply saddened by the tragic loss of our colleague Prof. Ann Nelson,  the scientist responsible of our projects at the University of Washington.


She was a brilliant theoretical physicist, a world leader in our field, an inspiring mentor and collaborator, and a dear friend to many of us. We will miss her deeply. 


In the words of Prof. Howard Georgi from Harvard University, who was his thesis advisor and is also a network member:


"I was stunned and heartbroken by the news that my former student Ann Nelson died yesterday in a hiking accident.  Ann was much more than a student to me.  She was one of the most remarkable people I ever had the privilege of knowing. My wife and I thought of Ann and her husband David as members of our family.  I have had many fabulous students who are better than I am at many things.  Ann was the only student I ever had who was better than I am at what I do best, and I learned more from her than she learned from me.  Like every great physicist, Ann had her own unique way of thinking about physics.  Ann understood from personal experience the issues of conscious and unconscious bias, and she worked to promote diversity in physics both publicly and behind the scenes.  It would be a fitting tribute to this wonderful person if we could all redouble our efforts to nurture and support students and colleagues who do not look or talk or act like us."