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Special Invisibles Event

Special Invisibles Event "Call for action on diversity and inclusion in academia"


Several members of the "Invisibles'' community have actively joined the worldwide actions followed by thousands of scientists to join the strike for  Blacklives (#Strike4BlackLives, #ShutDownSTEM and  #ShutDownAcademia). Universities, scientific organizations, and scientific journals have participated in this unprecedented global movement.


On Wednesday, June 10th, a Special Invisibles Event was organized: a *Call for action on diversity and inclusion in academia*, in solidarity with the above initiatives started by our US colleagues on calls for action against Anti-Blackness in academia. This was a session devoted to the general failure in achieving an inclusive and diverse academia, particularly in physics and STEM. We enjoyed the presentations, followed by open discussions, of two particle physicists, two astrophysicists and a scientist working for Google, all actively engaged in one or other aspect of the subject:

* Prof. Hitoshi Murayama (UC Berkeley and IMPU Tokyo)
* Dr. Lou Strolger (Space Telescope Science Institute)
* Prof. Denise R. Gonçalves (Valongo Observatory Brasil)
* Dr. Daniel Hernández (Google NYC)
* Prof. Patricia Conde Muiño (IST Lisbon)

The slides of the presentations can be found attached.


And the video is available at: